EV Charger Franchise

With inhouse developed EV Chargers, Mobile App CMS, we have a wide Charging solution
range from 3.3 kW to 60 kW (AC/DC Chargers). Our Business model is planned to
take everyone together at one platform EV Owners, Cab Fleets, Commercial Parking spaces,
Malls and Multiplexes, Individual Business/CPOs. Become our partner and contact us for EV charger franchise today!

Become Our Franchise Partner


Increase in property value


Meet sustainability goals


Edge over competitors


Better for environment


Increase your brand value


Meet Govt mandate

Franchise Role

Impedance will provide training MF for all ops. Unit franchises will get support from MF. Franchise will be responsible for sales and installation of chargers as CPO.

Revenue Stream

B2C EV Charger Sales. Revenue from installed EV charger as CPO. I&C for sold chargers & after sale service

Equipment on COGS

Master Franchise will get charger units worth INR 10,00,000 E-Fill X3 30 kW DC chargers included in the bundle.

Quick ROI

Full revenue stream in less than 24 months. Help in office setup and license approvals.

Our EV Charger Network